It's August. It’s summer. In fact, it's the dog days of summer.

 We all hate being at work, commuting to work, working, and generally doing anything that doesn’t include being at the beach, grilling food, or relaxing.

Personally, I daydream a few moments each day. And so I got to thinking about how many ocean front homes are currently for sale in Massachusetts. You were probably wondering too.

The answer is 322. There are 322 homes listed in the Multiple Listing Service that claim a to have an “ocean front” feature. This is out of 12,964 active single family homes for sale in Massachusetts. The variety ranges from an old hunting/fishing camp in Rowley that has no electricity and must be accessed via boat for $199,000 all the way to a 63+ acre compound on Nantucket for $35,000,000

Now, some agents market properties as “ocean front” when in reality it should be “ocean view”. I have not personally gone through all 322 homes but I am assuming not each one is directly on the ocean.

Regardless, the average listing price of these 322 homes currently sits at $2,663,366. On average the properties have 3,650+ square feet of living area and have been on the market for 233 days. 233 days! Might be some negotiating room for anyone out there looking at ocean front property.

My next thought was which of these properties has the best ocean side pool. Because, let us be honest, the only thing better than an oceanside property is an oceanside property with a pool. It's heaven on earth! This is where I needed to dig in and do the tedious work of looking through a boat load of $2,000,000+ listings. I don’t do this for my health. 

In no particular order here are the 5 best ocean side pools (and their accompanying properties) that are currently available for sale in Massachusetts:

NOTE: this blog was written 8/5/17 and is current as of 8/5/17. Some homes may be under agreement or off market at the time you read this post.

I lied. This is THE BEST oceanside pool available for sale in Massacusetts. Sorry not sorry.

Looks like an indoor/outdoor type pool. I'll take 2 please.

25 Rockyledge Road

Swampscott, Massachusetts

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An infinity pool overlooking the rugged coastline . . . . . wow!

29 Shoestring Bay Road

Mashpee, Massachusetts

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An Oceanside pool that is 72 feet long? This may need an entirely new category.

275 Hale Street

Beverly, Massachusetts

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Call me a homer (born and raised in Beverly) as this isn't quite an oceanside pool. But one look at the stunning grounds in the pictures and I hope you'll forgive me.

 That’s it. The definitive list of the top 5 ocean side pools that are currently for sale in Massachusetts by yours truly. Interested? We are always here to help.