Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this blog I want to mention what is happening in Houston, the Texas coast, and maybe Louisiana shortly. Some horrendous pictures and stories coming out of the flooding in Houston. It is beyond words. We can't all get in our cars and drive down to the area and immediately help and we don't all have the resources to make huge donations to the red cross and the plethora of other organizations stepping in to aid the people in Texas. However, don't think that your $1 or $5 or a donation of a few rolls of toilet paper won't help. They're going to need everything they can get for a while. Everything counts.

With that said we are back with "Because you were wondering . . ." everyone's favorite feature on statistics and facts about the Boston real estate market.

It's nearly September 1st. In Boston, this is the largest move-in/move-out/moving-day for renters across the city. We can discuss Allston Christmas or getting "Storrowed" with a moving truck to our heart's content. We can also discuss how for almost every single landlord across the region winter arrives on September 1st. If your apartment has not rented the prospect of finding a tenant drastically diminishes and it could be MONTHS before filling a vacancy. Alas, I am not here for that.

We are here to discuss apartments priced $10,000 or more a month and available for rent. The granddaddies of all apartments. The luxurious lairs of living.

Currently, there are 22 properties for rent in Boston asking a minimum of $10,000 a month in rent.  A whopping 12 of them came to market in roughly the last month. Talk about pressure for the listing agents - good luck trying to find someone to rent a $35,000 apartment with a month left in the height of the rental season. Of course, is there ever a season for $35,000 a month apartments?

Wondering what the priciest pad in Boston is asking for rent? $50,000 a month allows you to lease the sprawling 15,000+ square foot home at 39 Beacon Street. It features 10 bedrooms, 9 full baths, 4 half baths, 3 parking spaces. The total spread includes a guest apartment and a carriage house. You'd be living about 5 doors down from the State House and neighbors with Jonathan Davis of the Davis Companies and the owners of UniFirst Uniform Services. It's the big time of who's who. The best part of this listing is the listing says 1st month, last month, a $50,000 security deposit, and a $50,000 brokers fee are all due when signing a lease. That means $200K is due before you take occupancy.

The average square footage of the 22 units is just shy of 2,950 and the average list price is $18,475 a month in rent.

Other highlights of the 22 apartments are the Extreme WOW Suite at the W, a corner penthouse at 45 Province, and a 4,000+ square foot spread on ONE LEVEL on the top floor of 191 Commonwealth (that yours truly personally represented a tenant for a few years ago).

Need help and representation for the rental of a $50,000 a month property? I am available and at your service. I think we can negotiate the move-in costs and get you the best deal possible.